We provide standard color chart and finishing on the stock. Customers are following our color chart or provide your own color swatches.

Glossy / Glazed Finished

Glazed/glossy finishing is the term used to describe how much sheen or luster reflects on the surface. That definition is having a surface luster, shiny or brightness.

S01CH Super glossy black

S02DCH Super glossy chocolate

S02LCH Super glossy chestnut

S03CCH Super glossy sky blue

S03CH Super glossy marine blue

S03DCH Super glossy Navy blue

S03KCH Super glossy izmir blue

S03TCH Super glossy dazzling blue

S04DCH Super glossy ruby red

S04DE Glazed capsicum red

S04TCH Super glossy Chinese red

S05BCH Super glossy forest green

S05DCH Super glossy emerald green

S05MCH Super glossy malachite green

S05TCH Super glossy glass green

S05VCH Super glossy atrovirens green

S06ACH Super glossy Lemon

S06DE Glazed Yolk

S07CCH Super glossy burgundy

S07CH Super glossy merlot

S08CH Super glossy lavender

S08LDE Glazed violet

S09BDE Glazed peach

S09CFC Shinny carmine rose

S09DCH Super glossy fuchsia

S09ECH Super glossy carol

S09FCH Super glossy roseate pink

S09GRV Shinny magenta

S09JCH Super glossy pink

S09TCH Super glossy plum

S10LHL Super glossy ivory

S11DE Glazed pure white

S12ACH Super glossy ash brown

S12ECH Super glossy charcoal

S12GCH Super glossy gris tourterelle

S12JCH Super glossy etoupe

S12MDE Glazed taupe

S12SCH Super glossy etai

S13AHL Shining tangerine

S13CH Super glossy orange

Semi-Matt Finished

Semi-matte/antique finishing is a description of the surface that less shine properties of gloss. That definition is having a surface midway between matt and gloss.

M01CH Antique black
460CH Antique chestnut
460HL Antique dark reddish brown
M02AHL Antique reddish brown
M02BHL Antique cinnamon
M02LDE Semi-Matt Honey brown
CT1DE Semi-Matt navy
M03ARV Semi-Matt baby blue
M03CDE Semi-Matt indigo
M03LDE Semi-Matt turquoise
M03TRV Semi-Matt Ocean
M04DCH Semi-Matt carmine
M04DE Antique Chinese red
M05ADE Semi-Matt apple green
M05CDE Semi-Matt jade
M05LHL Semi-Matt willow green
M06BDE Semi-Matt lemon
M07ADE Semi-Matt burgundy
M07DE Semi-Matt melot
M08ADE Semi-Matt lavender
M09ADE Semi-Matt carol
M09DE Semi-Matt fuchsia
M09LDE Antique salmon pink
M11DE Semi-Matt pure white
M12LDE Semi Matt Etoupe

Pearlized Finished

Pearlized definition is pearlescent on the surface showing the shine is essentially the reflective brilliance of pearly luster.

P03DE Pearlized blue
P05DE Pearlized green
P07DE Pearlized magenta
P08DE Pearlized violet
P09DE Pearlized pink
P11DE Pearlized white
P13DE Pearlized orange
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