How do we measure different exotic skins?
There are different ways of measurement for different species of exotic skins as below:

Alligator / Crocodile

Alligator and Crocodile skins are measured by the unit of centimeter. We have the size with centimeter by putting a measuring tape or a ruler on the forth bone across the belly. The skin should be laid flat and the measurement is taken from edge to edge, but not including the centimeters outside two bones.

Lizard / Tejus

Lizard are measured by the unit of centimeter. The way of measurement is calculated by placing a measuring tape or a ruler across the widest part of belly on the skin. The skin should be laid flat and the measurement is taken from edge to edge.

Ostrich/ Seal / Shark

Measured by square feet (in square feet of genuine leather) for using laser machine.


There are two types of python skin, belly cut & back cut, measured at the widest part of a belly, multiplied by the actual length (the total length of the python skin). If the python is inevitably defective or broken with holes, the best way to be calculated the length with the valuable area is deducted those lengths of that area.


Measured by the widest part of the skin across the central pearl.

Parts of alligator leather / Scrap of alligator

Not guarantee of the sizes, colors and quality. All are subject to the stock availability.

What’s the grading standards?

The grade or selection of the skin is determined primarily by the quantity and location of natural defects in the skin. Our leather is the same.

Grade I: No defects on any quadrant.
Grade II: Defects on one quadrant.
Grade III: Defects on two quadrant.
Grade IV: Defects on three quadrants.

**Please note that this is a simplified grading chart. Grading is more subjective, and each skin has in the grading, and farmed skins have are more expensive and rare.

**Exotic leather will have some natural scars of animals, there is no way to be as perfect as artificial leather or synthetic leather, and leather in the manufacturing, dyeing, transport, storage and other processes, more or less will attach some dyes, dust, so not every leather back side is beautiful.

For more detail on grading, please contact us.

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